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Feel the Beat Finals
Madison, WI

Join the Jolly Taxpayer and 15 other area producers as they battle it out in the 2nd Annual Feel the Beat Producer Competition. To be judged by:

  • Rsonist
  • Xtreme
  • Ginx

Memorial Union Rathskeller
6PM-11PM. FREE. All Ages.
800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706


Eli Cash - EscapismEscapism, the sophomore album from Eli Cash, is available now! Listen to some of the 17 tracks of lowkey productions in the music section of the official Eli Cash site: elicash.com.

or download two new tracks below!


Professional quality. So Lowkey.

Send a message with the title of the beat you want as the subject.  After we receive payment you will receive a fully tracked out version of the beat in 24-bit .wav format, or any format you require. 

Enjoy the music and stay lowkey.
- Taxpayer


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Any one that wants to be involved with spreadin' the new music should contact us about starting a street team in your area. You'll get stickers, posters, and maybe something special to put up around your city. We feel strongly about the new material and think that with some commited help we'll be able to spread it to the masses!

contact us: lowkeyinc@gmail.com
[for shows, street team, benefits..]


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the Jolly Taxpayer, CEO / Executive Producer - lowkey productionsthe Jolly Taxpayer
-CEO / Executive Producer- madison, wi
w: lowkeyproductions.net

All Music produced and composed by the Jolly Taxpayer using guitars, samples, bass, keys, drums, reason, and various synths. Formerly Justeezy of Racine's own Raytown Hustlas, the Jolly Taxpayer is making a midwest movement. His soulful, organic beats will keep your speakers bumpin' and your body movin'.

Check out his latest beats at myspace.com/lowkeyproductions for exclusive downloads, tour info and more.

Eli CashEli Cash
milwaukee, wi
w: www.elicash.com

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Formerly Deez (MC) of Racine's own Raytown Hustlas, but now with a new alias and persona, Eli Cash is making a midwest movement--puting Wisconsin on the map for something other than cheese. His quick, street-smart flows will leave you pressin' rewind while the lowkey beats will keep you noddin'.



Eli Cash + Taxpayer - "Broadcast Distortion"

Eli Cash + Taxpayer
Broadcast Distortion
Escapism (©2005-2007 lowkey productions)
Directed by Leon F. Chen

Check out Eli Cash's official website www.elicash.com for exclusive downloads, tour info and more.

Liquid Form
-emcee- madison, wi
w: myspace.com/theliquidform

Three-peat Champion of the Midwest Mics of Fury battle. Born and raised in Madison,WI - LF loves the capitol city, but has influences from West Coast hip-hop to Deep South blues. Let his music speak for itself. Check Liquid Form out live, then you'll understand.


Liquid Form - Beautiful Future (2007)

Liquid Form
"Beautiful Future"
lowKey Productions

Minds Eye Rhyme
- 4-piece band - madison, wi

e: theliquidform@gmail.com
w: myspace.com/mindseyerhyme

Thick jazzy bass grooves and slick sassy guitar leads combined with a vocalist who not only delivers lyrically but vocally as well.

Liquid Form (emcee) | James Wood (guitar) | Scott Colson (bassist) | Nick Dipiazza (drums)


Minds Eye Rhyme - the Brink (2007)

Minds Eye Rhyme
"the Brink"
lowKey Productions

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Kieran & the Plague
- 3-piece band - madison, wi

w: myspace.com/kieranandtheplague  

Neil Young meets Elliott Smith. Need we say more?

Kieran - Singer/Songwriter for Kieran and the Plague

Kieran Grogan (vocals/songwriter/guitar)
Scott Colson (bass/vocals)
Jon Stover (drums/vocals)


Kieran & the Plague
Damn Nation
lowkey Productions


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